Event Summary:
November 10, 2022

KPMG Origins launched Asset Impact, an innovative new product initially focused on enabling the measurement, benchmarking and reporting of embodied carbon for the built environment.

At the event, Davina Rooney, CEO of the Green Building Council of Australia joined the NSW Office of the Building Commissioner to share her experience on a 20 year journey discussing how to manage embodied carbon in the construction industry.

David Chandler OAM, New South Wales Building Commissioner opened the session with construction and sustainability executives from the broader industry;

Unless we come up with solutions that are globally relevant today, we are going to get left behind" 

- David Chandler OAM, New South Wales Building Commissioner

He continued with constructive insights into how KPMG Origins’ Asset Impact solution can help on the journey.

"One of the things that will turn the light on... will be did you know you could lower your costs of production by 20% and increase your profit?"

"You can actually achieve that by lowering your (construction) duration costs by 30-50% - this is not another layer of Bureaucracy"

"This is about doing today's business smarter, better and getting good outcomes for tomorrow"

Davina Rooney strongly echoed the sentiment.

"I would have killed for a KPMG Origins database 20 years ago.  What we're seeing is an opportunity to bring digitisation, consistency and information to the problem"

Davina Rooney, CEO Green Building Council of Australia

Continuing on with the reasons as to why;

"For what we build, there's an absolute fundamental accountability"

"It's critical to transform the supply chain but how can you transform the supply chain unless we're on the same information base? Which is why announcements like today where we democratise the data is fundamental and critical to hold ourselves to account"

We encourage you to get in touch to discuss your business with us today and learn more about how KPMG Origins’ Asset Impact solution can help.

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